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Consequences Оf Installation Of The Non-original Oil Pump On The DEUTZ Engine!

Recently "Motors and Transmission" company has increasingly faced with the elimination of failures caused by the use of non-original parts on DEUTZ engines.

So, in May there were many cases of the oil pump destruction on the engine installed on the tractor MTZ 3022. The photo below shows the consequences of the destruction of the drive star.

The cost of a counterfeit part is approximately 520 rubles, while the original one costs 850 rubles. The benefit is small, but if you take into account the costs of engine repair due to the failure of non-original oil pump (over 1,500 rubles), there is no sense of buying a cheap part.

Savings on such an important engine part led to a number of works to eliminate the consequences:

  1. Dismantling the front drive axle with a semi-frame
  2. Removal of the crankcase
  3. Dismantling the oil filler
  4. Dismantling the front damper with a pulley
  5. Replacement of the oil pump
  6. Replacement of the reduction valve
  7. Installation of oil suction pipe
  8. Installation of the crankcase
  9. Installation of the front drive axle with a semi-frame
  10. Change oil and filter.

This list of works is applicable in rare cases, when the engine was stopped at the first signs of failure of the oil pump. Most often, the engine completely fails, and then expensive overhaul is required.

"Motors and Transmission" company has already turned the customers’ attention to the low-quality spare parts existed in the market:

After the publication of this information, customers began bringing spare parts to our specialists that were bought under the guise of original Deutz parts to make sure that the part was manufactured at the factory. In 90% of cases there were counterfeit parts.

Therefore, as the official distributor of DEUTZ products, Motors and Transmission Ltd. recommends to approach reasonably to the purchase of parts for DEUTZ engines in order to avoid long downtime of technics and heavy expenses for engine repair.

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