Diagnostics of hydraulic systems


Service maintenance

“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

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Complex diagnostics of hydraulics (hydraulic systems), hydraulic-driven machines and equipment.

Diagnostic works are performed at our service station or directly on the site where breakdown occurs (customer territory).

If in the course of hydraulic equipment use, you see the signs of unstable operation, exactly:

  • Sudden stop of hydraulic system;
  • There is no force generation at the output system links;
  • Reduction of speed of executive devices;
  • Non-uniform movement of actuating elements;
  • Machine part fails to reach its travel end;
  • High temperature of working fluid;
  • Low pressure in hydraulic system;
  • Over vibration;
  • Increased noise during operation,

then in order to avoid complete system stop – it is necessary to diagnose the system.

Failures mainly occur due to non-observance with operation rules and regulations and due to wear of parts and mechanical devices.

Диагностика гидравлики

On-site and field diagnostic of hydraulics

We offer to perform diagnostic works on the following types of machinery: excavators (of foreign manufacturers), loaders, manipulators, graders and other types of construction equipment, also on hydraulic presses, lifters and all machinery types where hydraulic is used.

On-site team

LLC “Motors and Transmission” offers on-site and field diagnostics on the customers’ premises directly at the breakdown place.

In the course of works we:

  • Diagnose (reveal hydraulic system failure);
  • Point out a fault unit;
  • If customer wishes, we take away a hydraulic unit for repair (unit dismounting is on the paid basis).

In case of failure you can buy hydraulic components at our ParkerStore: hydraulic pumps, motors, distribution valves, valves, hoses, fittings, adaptors, filters, heat exchangers, hydraulic accumulators.

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