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Counterfeit Deutz spare parts. Comparison with original

In the midst of the sowing campaign, one of the regular customers of LLC "Motors and Transmission" turned to us for help. Having succumbed to the persuasion of an unscrupulous seller, he purchased a set of gaskets for MTZ-3022 at a low price. During a detailed inspection of the gaskets, the customer challenged their quality. Doubting the originality, he showed the kit to the specialists of "Motors and Transmission".

What should have alerted the buyer during the purchase of the gaskets set?

  • Cardboard packaging without the original DEUTZ label with security elements

  • Careless packing of gaskets and washers, because of what they were scattered all over the box. The loss is not excluded.

  • For comparison, we show how the original DEUTZ gaskets should look.

  • Almost all gaskets are made of the same thin and week material. According to the permissions of the manufacturer for each unit, the certain gasket should be made of a certain material.


The differences are clearly visible on the example of the oil pump gasket.

According to the latest DEUTZ circulars, the original gasket is made of metal, because cardboard does not hold the pressure.

  • The gaskets come fitted with the debris from the punching. If such debris get into the engine, it will lead to damage and expensive repairs.


  • The counterfeit bolt is shorter than the original and made of a material with a copper content. Such a bolt is unable to withstand the thermal load. For comparison, the original bolt should be file hard.

What conclusions can be made?

Purchase spare parts for DEUTZ engine just in authorized representatives! When buying, pay attention to the presence of the original DEUTZ label. All spare parts and consumables must be of good quality in appearance. Cash savings is important, of course, but in some cases, you should pay for quality and reliability to avoid higher costs for expensive repairs due to the use of non-original parts and consumables. LLC "Motors and Transmission" wishes successful completion of the sowing campaign and, in turn, is ready to provide both original spare parts and high-quality repairs, and offer technical consultation.