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DEUTZ diesel engine with neutral CO2

Resulting from global warming and ambient air pollution, the emission requirements have become stricter in recent times. To comply with EU Stage V standards DEUTZ AG implement innovative technologies that increase environmental friendliness of engines.

DEUTZ diesel engine is equipped with diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR). Thanks to these systems the company has achieved the remarkable quality of exhaust gases: 95 per cent of nitric oxides and more than 99 per cent of particulates are filtered before the escape into the atmosphere.

Modern exhaust gas after-treatment system reduces the emission of toxic substances such as nitric oxides or soot particulates almost to zero. What remains is CO2, which is inevitably generated when fossil fuels are used in combustion engines.

Today reducing of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is the main task of DEUTZ AG. Synthetic fuels can be used to achieve the lowest carbon dioxide levels. The scientists all over the world deal with the problem of production, effective usage and storage of synthetic fuels. But this kind of fuel is still disadvantageous.

Another way to limit CO2 level is to reduce carbon use. This process is known as decarbonisation and means to optimize fuel consumption and modify drive systems.  For example, a regular combustion engine is combined with electric engine and generator that store excess energies and support the combustion engine whenever needed. Today DEUTZ AG has already manufactured an industrial excavator powered with such hybrid drive system.

The same effect is achieved by using a hydraulic hybrid system that channels excess energy into a pressure storage unit, from which it can be retrieved when needed. DEUTZ has also demonstrated this variety successfully, using the example of a wheel loader. Fuel economy constitutes up to 40 per cent.

In such a way, implementing new technologies for CO2 level reduction, DEUTZ AG contributes to environment protection.