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“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

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The advantages of PARKER HIROSS compressed air dryers

Parker Hiross refrigeration dryers are manufactured with the use of advanced technologies. This application ensures reliable air cleaning and the reduction of production costs.

PoleStar Smart refrigeration dryer removes water from compressed air efficiently. Built-in patented SmartSave system modulates refrigeration dryer operation to meet dew-point changes with corresponding aligned power consumption.

Indirect costs resulting in pressure drop are minimized by the use of a patented “all-in-one” heat exchanger SmartPack. Large open channels and no-interconnecting pipe-work enables the free, un-interrupted passage of air through the dryer, reducing the pressure drops.

Starlette Plus refrigeration dryer insures continuous performance and superior efficiency in every industrial compressed air application. It can easily be adapted to suit all working conditions, maintaining reliable dew-point control and the lowest possible pressure drops. The compressed air dryer is equipped with compact heat exchanger with ‘air-to-air’ self-cooling unit, expander and separator.

You will find more information about Paker Hiross compressed air dryers on our web site.