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“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

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Innovative project: MWM cogeneration power plant produces energy from biogas/landfill gas mix

MWM cogeneration power plant was commissioned in Alzey-Worms district in 2016 in order to utilize the gas from the local landfill. TCG 2016 V16 gas engine operates on a mix of gas from the district landfill and biogas from the neighboring digestion plant. The generated power output is 701 kW. The cogeneration power plant provides optimum utilization of the methane gas preventing environment contamination.

The project uniqueness is in the mixture of two kinds of gases:  88 % is biogas and 12 % is landfill gas. The gases are purified in activated carbon containers and is dried in a separate system before they reach the engines. It is necessary to prevent the catalysts of the CHP plant from being damaged.

The MWM cogeneration power plant is controlled via a touchscreen, and data is accessed from mobile devices.

TCG 2016 V16 gas engine characteristics