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Parker Calzoni hydraulic motors:

Parker Hannifin Corp. manufactures hydraulic motors with high mechanical and volumetric efficiency over a wide range of speed and torque under Calzoni brand name. They are produced in sizes from 32cc up to 23034cc. The driving concept of the Parker Calzoni motors is unique due to non-existence of a mechanical link between the pistons and the driven shaft. For this reason, Parker Calzoni hydraulic motors distinguish by a high total efficiency and excellent lifetime performance. 

Among the other typical characteristics of MR, MRA, MRE motors are:

  • high power to weight ratio
  • high resistance to thermal shock
  • very low operating noise levels
  • well suited for control engineering applications and reversible operation (motor and pump)

Motors can be customized by selecting different types of shafts, speed sensors, seals and connection flanges. Optional accessories include gearboxes and parking brakes.

Many applications manufactures use Calzoni hydraulic motors widely in the injection molding, mining, off shore drilling, oil field and marine markets.

More information about MR, MRA, MRE Calzoni motors see on the web-site section Pumps and Motors. Call to our specialists! They help to select required hydraulic motor type.