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High-performance Antifreeze For MWM Engines

Antifreeze Premium-20 is specially produced for gas and diesel MWM engines. The advantages of the coolant are obvious:

  • Suitable for all plant configurations (exhaust heat exchanger in the engine and heating circuit);
  • Contains silicate – effective corrosion protection due to hybrid technology;
  • Amine, nitrite and phosphate-free;
  • Small deposits on thermally high-loaded components such as the cylinder liner;
  • Extended exhaust heat exchanger service lives due to low total hardness;
  • Simple handling as a ready-mix;
  • Optimized glycol content for safe frost and corrosion protection with a maximum heat transmission capacity.

The formula of the antifreeze was developed taking into account the reduction of deposits arising under high temperatures. The formation of isolating layers on the engine components, especially on the cylinder head and the cylinder liner, embarrasses heat transmission, which may have adverse effects on oil consumption and valve wear.

The correct proportion of glycol increases the heat transmission properties of the antifreeze and makes it the optimum product for safe frost protection up to -25 ° C. Organic and non-organic inhibitors form a thin isolating layer, preventing corrosion.

MWM Premium Antifreeze–20 not only ensures reliable operation of engine mechanisms, but also increases the operational efficiency of the plant, as it discharges the combustion heat from the heating components and transfers it to the consumer as useful energy.

Thus, antifreeze Premium-20 provides protection against freezing with heat transmission at the same time, minimizes deposits and corrosion on the components of MWM engine.