Service maintenance

“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

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Annually "Motors and Transmission" LLC conducts E60 and E70 maintenance on more than 5 MWM engines

Under conditions of constant high load and intensive operation, the commercial efficiency of the cogeneration plant is possible only if regular monitoring and planned maintenance are carried out, as their absence or inadequate performance lead to costly repairs and costly downtime due to accidents.

Qualitative maintenance performed in accordance with factory regulations is a prerequisite for reliable and uninterrupted operation of the MWM engine.

Particular attention should be paid to E60 and E70 maintenance, which include a complex of works regarding engine disassembly, testing of all components and systems, replacement or repair of parts and assemblies, engine assembly.

On each type of engine, the list of works of the technical service is different.

Here is a list of works of the most complex E70 maintenance for TCG 2032 V 16 gas engine, which must be performed every 64000 r.h.:

  • Replacing oil filter insert
  • Replacing main stream lubricating oil filter
  • Replacing sub-stream lubricating oil filter
  • Clean or replace the dirt screen of the compressed air passageway of the starter
  • Repairing of crankcase deairing system
  • Crankcase ventilation service
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check ignition time
  • Auxiliary units test by TEM system
  • Check engine mounting
  • Check speed governor linkage
  • Replace rod ends for speed controller linkage
  • Overhaul rotary disk valve
  • Checking wastegate drive shaft, electrical wiring
  • Check starter pinion and gear rim on the flywheel
  • Check mixture cooler
  • Clean or renew flame filter
  • Replace base bearing and thrust bearing
  • Overhauling the gas-air mixer
  • Renew rubber compensators
  • Renew torsional vibration damper
  • Check vibration dampers, hoses and flexible lines
  • Check fittings and control units on engine side
  • Checking cylinder jacket, flange seat and location surfaces
  • Changing or overhaul cylinder heads
  • Renew cylinder liners
  • Renew coke stripping ring
  • Check crankshaft web deflector
  • Measure crankshaft lifting journal, polish
  • Renew piston bolt
  • Renew piston rings
  • Renew big end bearing
  • Replace pistons
  • Renew valve tappet
  • Check camshaft
  • Renew camshaft bearing, camshaft axial bearing
  • Check and clean valve train
  • Renew connecting rods
  • Check and clean gear drive
  • Renew lubricating oil pump
  • Renew exhaust gas compensators
  • Overhauling actuators


To perform the above-mentioned laborious works "Motors and Transmission" LLC has all the necessary conditions:

  1. the services are provided by qualified specialists who have been trained at the manufacturing plant, have received the relevant certificates and have the levels of tolerances (KK3) for the above work on each type of engine;
  2. the original service tool is available, which allows the execution of work in accordance with the requirements of the MWM plant;
  3. only original MWM spare parts are used, guaranteeing a long service life without breakage.


As the official distributor of MWM, Motor and Transmission Ltd. is authorized to perform major repairs of TCG 2016, TCG 2020 and TCG 2032 engines and has the above resources to provide the proper service.

Every year the company successfully conducts E60 and E70 maintenance on more than 5 MWM engines. Therefore, it can be confidently asserted that there is a lot of experience, which in turn is a guarantee of the quality of services and minimum terms of service provision.