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Why you should buy genuine DEUTZ parts

In the process of work, we are faced with cases when the owners of equipment intentionally or accidentally install non-original parts on DEUTZ engine. This results in troubles, up to the breakdown of the engine. The desire to save money leads to long-term down time and unfavorable costs.

Economy can be good sometimes, but a well-known proverb comes to mind: "Buy the best and you only cry once." Today you pay less than the genuine spare part costs, and after a couple of months you have to buy another, because the quality of such a part is extremely low.

"It is made at a factory in China" is the tricks of dishonest sellers who want to capture the full benefits. You should understand that non-genuine DEUTZ parts does not have required operating parameters, low-grade materials are used, sizes are not observed. This leads to the fact that the spare part does not correspond to technical characteristics and is not capable of withstanding the maximum loads, temperatures, pressures.

The counterfeit part will not allow the engine to operate with the declared performance, environmental friendliness and service life. The use of cheap non-original parts leads, at best, to the fact that the part does not fit, and at worst, to a quick breakdown or, even more unpleasant, to the failure of another more expensive unit. The result can be the failure of the engine, which will require more money.

In addition, installing non-original DEUTZ parts, you lose the manufacturer's warranty.

Buying DEUTZ spare parts at a low price think about whether this purchase will lead to larger costs!

8 ways to distinguish original DEUTZ parts from counterfeit ones