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Reconditioning of valve face on Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe equipment

The Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe machine is actively used at the company's service station of LLC «Motors and Transmission» for six months. The results of the use of the equipment are satisfied both by specialists and by customers. The high-quality and accurate reconditioning of valve face allows you to avoid buying a new valve, which is a significant saving, because the work costs only 9 rubles with VAT!

How is the valve repair performed?

Reconditioning or replacement of guide bushings, seats and valves are one of the stages of repair of cylinder head. Each of the works requires special equipment, a certain measuring instrument, skill of the performer.

Before the beginning of the valve repair, specialists carry out a number of measurements: measuring the diameter of the stem in several sections, checking the beating of the valve face, visual assessment of the wear of the end and surface of the valve face.

The conical surface of the valve face and its location relative to the axis of the valve stem influence on the performance capabilities of the seat and valve. These parameters and methods of measuring make it possible to easily evaluate the condition of the valves and to carry out repair most correctly.

The using of the Kwik-Way SVS II Deluxe machine in the valve repairing guarantees high-precision grinding of its surface. Due to the rigidity of mount attachment and the special principle of basing, minimum beating of the valve face and minimum deviation from the roundness of the conical surface of the valve face are ensured.

Thanks to the use of the machine, the technical specialists of LLC «Motors and Transmission» achieve a qualitative repair of the valve face and save the resources of the customers, which is always topical.

Price for the work on testing, grinding and repairing of cylinder head