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New gas engine MWM TCG 3016

The TCG 3016 engine is not just an interpretation of already proven MWM engines. The new gas engine is designed in accordance with the latest technologies, thereby the efficiency is increased and the service life without breakages is longer. Its innovation is evident from the significantly reduced fuel costs, the extremely low lubricant consumption and digitized power plant control TPEM.

The TCG 3016 engine characteristics:

Output range from 400 kWel to 800 kWel

Optimum efficiency: electrical efficiency up to 43 percent

Low gas consumption and flexible in terms of the fuel used; suitable for all gas types: natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, etc.

Greatly reduced installation and operating costs

Higher reliability and availability through improved robustness

Low maintenance costs due to longer maintenance intervals

Very low lubricant consumption and operator-friendly oil management

The TCG 3016 engine description

High efficiency and low operating costs are achieved by increasing maintenance intervals (80,000 engine hours for natural gas) and electrical efficiency (up to 43.5 percent).

The innovative lubrication management system allowed to increase oil change intervals (up to 4000 operating hours for natural gas and biogas). The lubricant consumption is higher up to 66% compared to competitors.

Thanks to the optimization of the internal combustion chamber, the electrical efficiency has been increased and the vibration to components has been significantly reduced.

Due to the flanged genset concept, the vibration decoupling takes place directly between the gas engine and the base frame, so that the setup costs are lower than for other gas engines.

To install the engine requires less space due to the compact design and built-in tanks for daily refilling.

Thanks to the optimized geometry of the combustion chamber, higher mixture temperatures reduce the dry cooler investment costs and ensure steadier combustion.

The TCG 3016 engine has such innovative systems as a water-cooled turbo charger, flanged genset concept, optimized flow control of the fuel gas mix and optimized oil management of the gas engine.

The expanded product scope and the new digital power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management) allowed to reduce investment costs.

The TPEM system replaced the previous version of the TEM. It eliminates the need for additional control systems, since all the generator set data is integrated into one system.

The system has a secure remote access for integrated management of the power plant on site and via VPN connection with free visualization "Remote TPEM Client".

Modern safety technology - ISO 27001, grounding with TÜV certificate.

Can be customized for a specific application and customer needs.

Systematic data management and data analysis.

Easy to use, multilingual 15-inch touch screen with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The new MWM engine TCG 3016 has been successfully commissioned in several European companies and has already proved its efficiency.

More information about the new gas engine is available under the link