About company DEUTZ AG

DEUTZ AG is one of the leading companies on the world market in production of environmentally safe and highly cost-efficient engines, with power capacity ranging from 10 to 500 kW.

It was DEUTZ who owned the first engine-building plant in the world, which became operational 150 years ago. Since then and up to now DEUTZ trade name has been associated with unparalleled quality, complete safety and revolutionary technical thinking.

DEUTZ engines are introduced in the broadest production line, which includes both “legendary” air-cooled motors and ultramodern EURO-5 engines.

DEUTZ engines “give birth” to agricultural machinery, public and cargo transport vehicles, road-building machinery in many countries of the world.

DEUTZ products

“Motors and Transmission”, an official distributor of DEUTZ AG, offers:

  • New DEUTZ engines;
  • DEUTZ engines reconditioned at the manufacturing plant (Xchange), as an offset against old engines;
  • Genuine DEUTZ spare parts: cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons and connecting rods, crankshaft, camshaft, valves and tappets, oil pump, oil cooler, starters, generators and etc.;
  • Consumable materials: motor oil, anti-freezing liquids, air, fuel and oil filters, seal rings, washers and other;
  • Reconditioned DEUTZ Xchange spare parts, which can be bought as an offset against the old ones.

Up to 24-months warranty

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Service maintenance

“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

+375 17 358-20-99
Minsk City, Gurskogo Str., 15/6
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Maintenance and repair of DEUTZ engines

Service department has a modern manufacturer’s equipment, which helps to perform high-quality repair and diagnostic works on DEUTZ engines. All service staff takes a compulsory training at the DEUTZ AG manufacturing facility. Only genuine DEUTZ spare parts are used during repair with adherence to all requirements of the manufacturing plant. In result warranty is provided for all the performed works. Mobile service team is arranged by us within entire territory of Belarus in order to provide prompt fault recovery.

Our service team performs:

  • Warranty and service maintenance of DEUTZ engines;
  • Computer-aided diagnostics on DEUTZ equipment;
  • Current and preventative repair;
  • On-site commissioning;
  • On-site emergency visit;
  • Overhaul repairs at DEUTZ factory.

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