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MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine Insures Energy Independence!

Provided by MWM power units distributed energy generation guarantees the energy independence of the Panbil site, distinguishing it from a number of other industrial areas.

The industrial space of ​​Panbil on the Indonesian island and city of Batam is not only the production area of ​​ leading enterprises, but also shopping centers, residential and park complexes. The island is 40 minutes from Singapore, and, thanks to its economically advantageous location, attracts attention of investors.

Seven MWM TCG 2032 gas engines were installed at the Panbil Power House. The first engine was installed in 2009. Since then, the power plant has been continually expanded. And today the total output of the power plant is 28 MWel, which is based on an individual output of 4,055 kWel per gas engine. The generated electric and heat energy allows the Panbil Power House to cover its own needs and provides the needs of the enterprises that operate there.

Any object can get energy independence by mounting additional sources of energy. The power of the units is chosen based on the expected power of the consumer, taking into account the available limitations (technological, legal, environmental, etc.) and can vary widely (from two-three to hundreds of kilowatts).

The company "Motors and Transmission" offers complex solutions for the implementation of energy projects: from design to delivery and installation of cogeneration equipment. Read more on our website