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Seal-Lok Xtreme seal technology is a reliable solution for use in extreme conditions!

Each component is important in the fluid conveyance system. In extreme temperature conditions, even the smallest detail is on trial.

Many traditionally used fitting connections have some limitations associated with them.

First, these limitations include labor-intensive maintenance, as well as the complexity and inconsistency of components in assembly or replacement that can lead to deformation and damage to the tube, and sometimes, to expensive leaks.

Secondly, the design of the fittings was developed more than 30 years ago and has a flat surface with an elastomeric seal that provides tightness and is easily mounted and replaced. However, at extreme temperatures, the elastomeric seal does not withstand the load.

Engineers of Parker Hannifin Corp. have find a new solution for connection technology. Seal-LokTM Xtreme fitting with stainless steel seal that utilizes the geometry of the fitting groove to provide a captive seal, making assembly easy, whatever the fitting orientation. This seal was manufactured to meet high surface conformity and strength specifications. The seal was subjected to thermal cycle and shock, helium mass spectrometer and gas pressure leakage testing, as well as other tests required under the standard industry SAE J1453.

Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings offer benefits to meet tough performance challenges and broad industry applications:

•Retains sealing capabilities at temperatures as low as -328 °C (200°F) or as high as 650° C (1200°F).

•End-to-end zero clearance mating for maintenance and replacement for easier and quicker maintenance.

•Utilizes a torque wrench for easy assembly.

•Maintains optimal performance under high vibration and pressures of up to 6,000 psi.

•Resists damage due to over torque.

Today, Parker Hannifin Corp. offers a full line of extreme temperature flat face seal fittings designed according to patented technology Seal-Lok Xtreme, including an SAE port end with metal seal.

In ParkerStore you will find all the possible Parker fittings, and the specialists of Motor and Transmission Ltd. will assist in the selection of the necessary connection.