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“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

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Do you know how to distinguish genuine DEUTZ parts from counterfeit parts?

Everybody risks to get non-genuine parts when buy cheap spare parts in companies which are not official distributors of DEUTZ AG Company.

To protect against this problem we describe some security elements of the manufacture.

Here are 8 ways to differ genuine DEUTZ spare parts:

  1. An original DEUTZ package is always protected with a label
  2. There is a color hologram on the label. In the middle: The DEUTZ logo is in the foreground, while diagonal text »DEUTZ« is shown in the background as 3-D text (see arrow 1).
  3. The white area in the color logo starts to glow red when is exposed to UV light (see arrow 2)..
  4. The parts label has small perforations along the edge. These prevent the box from being opened or the label being removed from the original packaging and stuck on to other package (see arrow 3).
  5. Pay attention to the bar code on the bottom of the label (see arrow 4).
  6. There should be an original DEUTZ Company part number under the bar code (see arrow 5).

  7. DEUTZ logo is engraved on the surface of the part.
  8. The chief element is an original DEUTZ Company part number on the detail.


  • The package of the non-genuine part does not contain the label with protective elements.

  • There is no DEUTZ logo and original part number

Choose genuine DEUTZ spare parts! Take into account that just original parts have DEUTZ guaranty under which «Motors and Transmission» Company eliminates the damage free of charge.

We know how financial economy is important today so we propose DEUTZ Xchange spare parts.Their price is cheaper, quality and performance are the same as for new spare parts and they have guaranty of the manufacture.