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“Motors and Transmission” company has created a network of service stations and warehouses in all regions of Belarus.

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After a while KOHLER brand has become a leader in engines in the 37 to 100 kW range for construction applications, Lombardini S.r.l.a. Company faces a new challenge – to take on a market of engines for farm machines. This task is real due to its ability to offer an effective solution for compact engines with high power density, low fuel consumption and a linear power delivery throughout the entire period of use. Their compact size and top ranking performance, in their category, as well as ease of installation have already convinced many manufacturers to choose the KOHLER engines for their own applications.

The chief advantages of the KOHLER KDI engines constructed for agricultural technics are:

  • the proven bedplate architecture, whose great strength and high torsional rigidity are particularly effective and suitable for installations on agricultural tractors
  • smaller steering radii and thus easier maneuvering
  • the structural crankcase with a center tunnel for the drive shaft; and the two auxiliary lateral Power Take-Offs (PTOs) designed to deliver the highest possible power.
  • The high performance of the KOHLER engines allows replacing larger engines, while power delivery and torque curves have been optimized to maximize machine productivity and obtain instant response to loads even at low speeds, ensuring pleasant and fluid driving.

The KOHLER KDI engines and their characteristics are presented on our web site.