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Comparison of genuine and counterfeit DEUTZ spare parts

The number of complaints related to damage to engine components has recently increased due to the use of non-genuine DEUTZ spare parts.

We have already published information «How to distinguish the original DEUTZ parts from counterfeit ones». However, basing on the results of the quiz in VKontakte, we can conclude that most consumers do not know how to distinguish the original part from counterfeit one and in most cases make a choice in the direction of the unoriginal and cheaper parts.

pic.  Were is a genuine oil cooler?


As LLC "Motors and Transmission" is an official distributor of DEUTZ in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the company is authorized to inform consumers and to prevent the use of counterfeit spare parts. For this purpose, the specialists conducted inspection and detailed analysis of the most popular parts. The results of the comparison are given below using the oil pump as an example.

How does the city begin? That's right, from the station. A meeting with spare parts starts with their packaging. This is an important aspect, because a correct packed part does not lose its quality before the beginning of operation (in case of unpredictable damage at transportation, non-observance of storage conditions).

Take the non-original part and list the items that we saw:

1. Paper packaging without additional protection.


2. Lack of lubrication both in the package and in the bearing.
3. Misalignment of the teeth of the chain-drive sprocket, strong play in the non-original part and, as a result, low oil pressure and premature wear of engine parts.


4. Smaller diameter of the oil suction channel.



It is not surprising that such defects of the spare part will affect negatively not only its service life, but also may cause the failure of other highly loaded components and engine parts: turbines, bearings, liners, etc.

An engine, which suffered from the use of non-original spare parts, has recently gone into repair to the company’s service station. The results of dismounting of the motor will be described in the next article.